Friday, April 3, 2009

Here we are!

Joining the world of blogging only seemed natural...I am not a Facebooker nor a MySpacer (anymore) and my husband and I are 963 miles from home. I needed a way to keep up with those I love the most and share a little with everyone about my average but wouldn't trade it for anything life.

My husband Michael and I got married last June, returned from our honeymoon, packed up and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado. We got to spend two wonderful months together before I had to head back to Texas to finish school. We were apart for nearly four months but fortunately we got to see each other every three weeks. My student teaching swiftly came and went and in December when school was over my mom and I drove from McKinney to Grand Junction and Mike and I officially began our lives together!

Now, we are both working, Mike is in equipment sales for a company called National Pump and Compressor and I am working for Enterprise (Yes, the rental car company. "Enterprise, we'll pick you up!") We have two doggies, Nacho and Chili Dog, named after our favorite stadium foods. We watch a lot of TV, Biggest Loser, Lost, Real World, Dancing with the Stars (Mike secretly likes it) and we have recently become fans on TV on DVD, watching Big Love and most recently Six Feet Under. We like working out and then using all of our awesome wedding gifts to cook up some serious grub!

That pretty much sums us up at the moment. There will be more to come I'm sure but as for now I am psyched to start blogging and getting back in touch with some of my favorite girls! TGIF.

(Note: Even though Michael's name is on the blog, I doubt he will ever make an entry, however, he will be mentioned numerous times because he is very entertaining!)

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  1. tony popino!! yah ur a fellow blogger! i love it!